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国際墨画会会員 Web色紙-shikishi-展

Please import your Sumi-e artwork painted on Shikishi with a smartphone or scanner and send us the image data through the application form.


Please transfer the 2,000 yen exhibit fee to the bank account listed in the acceptance completion e-mail you receive after submitting your application.

Limited full members, members and associate members of the International Sumi-e Association

Image data of Sumi-e or Kohitsu-ga (Gongbi) artwork painted on Shikishi (273 mm x 242 mm, vertically placed).  

If it is difficult to obtain Shikishi, you can draw your work on ink painting paper of the same size as the Shikishi and submit the image data.

 テーマは自由! Free theme!
 おひとり1点のみ One work per person.

Application Period:Nov.15 - Dec.15 2023

Publication of results:Monday, January 15, 2024 on the Association's website and our Instagram. 

〇出品料:2,000円(消費税込み) *応募期間中に現金または振込にてお支払いください
Exhibition Fees:  2,000 yen (consumption tax included) 

*Please make payment in cash or via bank transfer before the end of the application period.

〇賞品:金賞・硯 銀賞・遊印 銅賞・色紙掛け
Awards: Gold:Ink stone   Silver:stamp(Yu-in)  Bronze:Shikishi hanging

Judges:President of our Association, Master Instructor of Shibuya direct management class.


*Please note that even if you are selected for this exhibition, you will not be able to fulfill the requirements to become a qualified instructor.
*Please do not use image generative AI software.

申込みフォーム/Application form

*Regular membership, Shibuya classroom, correspondence course, etc. If it is a certified classroom or culture classroom, please also write the classroom name.

Image data Upload

*PlePlease attach the image data of your work.


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